Friday, August 17, 2007

At Home In NY

Well... We (Becky and I) have been here in Dolgeville NY area for about 6 days. The ride up was rather nicely uneventful. Weather was nice and not alot of annoying construction through Pennsylvania.

We spent the first few days in Utica. Staying with Anna and the with Kirstin. Becky is having a great time with her cousins.

Our next adventure is a stamp gathering this Saturday at Dolgeville Christian Fellowships hall. One can never have enough stamping....

In a couple of hours I will be taking Becky back into Utica to spend some more time with her cousins. She will have a much more fun time with them then out here with the adults.

Well... I will try to check in again later. My computer savy sister Kirstin is going to help me do some rearranging and updating of my blog. So see ya then.

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