Thursday, May 31, 2007

Purses in Ghana

I see it has been many many days since I posted anything. I have been so busy I see myself coming and going. The end of the school year is just around the corner. Ony two weeks left. Then I get a short break and will start driving for summer school July 9. Which happens to be the day after my birthday. What a great birthday present HUH??? By the way... I will be 46.

If you recall some time back about a month ago I sent some purses to Ghana for girls at an orphanage... Here are a few pictures of the girls with their purses... Apparently some of the girls had never had a purse before and were quite unaware of what to do with them. But they soon figured it out... And all girls love purses!!! The boys in the picture are holding t-shirts. Also included is a picture of a spider. My dad said that was his guard spider. Not my idea of guard duty if you ask me.
My husband just got home... He brought me an ice cream treat... Yummmmmm. It is a chocolate chip ice cream cookie.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Day at the Spa

I almost forgot the best thing of all. I made an appointment for my day at the spa. It is July 2. I will be getting an aroma therapy massage (80 mins) a hot stone spa pedicure and a european deep cleaning facial... Whoohoooo I can hardly wait...

OUCH Time for the dental cleaning

Well... I can tell you I did go to the dentist this morning. Time for that cleaning... Boy he sure did alot of tugging and scraping and scratching and such... Apparently flossing has not been one of my strong points.... Time to develope a new habit I guess. I told him "Yup I will get right on that!" But other than that I have great teeth.

My daughter had two "HEELEY" accidents on Sunday. She slipped out of the car and scratched her back on the handles that move the seats back and forward. She has a rather nice 8 inch scratch diagnol across her back with a little bruising. Then 3 hours later she fell and banged up her knee pretty good. Blood and bruising but nothing really serious. We cleaned it up with anitbiotic cleanser and ointment and put a large bandage on her knee. I think the larger the bandage the better she feels... And I banned the Heeleys for 24 hours. She was not happy with me about that.


Oh my goodness it has been 10 days since I posted anything on here. I must have been AWOL or something. I have no idea what important things I accomplished. Oh well... Here I am now. I am posting pictures of my newest project. I was at Michaels yesterday (picking up something my DD asked me to get) and I saw this kit. I love these flowers and it was a reasonable price and so well.... in the basket it went. So here is the picture of the started project. It is suppose to be a weekend project but I believe it will take me longer than the weekend. I also posted a picture of what it is suppose to look like when it is completed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all today.... It has been a great day. I am feeling much better than I have the past few days. I did skip church today. I slept in until 9 am. It felt so good. My husband had to go to work this morning at 6 am and then he was home again by 11 am. We then went out for dinner with my father in law. We went to Olive Garden. It was absolutely delicious. I had the pasta figiole soup and the fetticcinni alfredo. It was great. Then we came home and watched the NASCAR race that had been postponed yesterday for a rain delay. So a nice relaxing day.
Big Hug, MomYesterday my husband took me out to dinner. We went to Ruby Tuesdays. Again a great dinner. It is a good weekend when you eat out every day. He then gave me a gift certificate to Sugar House Day Spa. I can't wait to go get my massage... I have had one before and it was wonderful...
So I hope all you wonderful mothers out there had a blessed day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Saturday Morning

Happy Saturday Morning to all... I am sitting here at my computer just trying to catch up... I was going to go work out this morning at Curves but I feel absolutely miserable. Stuffy head.. coughing.. sneezing and at times hard to breathe... I guess it wouldn't be too good to spread that to others.

Last night (despite how I was feeling) I went to my Sister Greta's house for a stamp camp. Here are the cards we made. We also did a little tea light holder but I haven't taken a picture of that yet. And it doesn't scan well...

I liked this one cause it was easy to do. It is very bright and cherrey. I hadn't used the set with the jar in it before... and I do believe it is being retired. I hope I can get it before it goes...

my favorite on this card are the brads on the bike wheels... It looks like so much fun to be on a bike ride. Something I haven't done in years.
It is hard to see the detail on this one... The umbrella is raised with a 3d technique. It looks so inviting to sit outside with best friend and just relax.... This next card is so very cute. I thought it would also be cute to make as a mothers day card from a little boy. Altho i do remember catching frogs as a child and bringing them home....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Not feeling well.... ALLERGIES

Not feeling well tonight... allergies are running wild...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Project Purses Complete

Well... the purses for Ghana are completed. They went out in this mornings mail... I sure hope the girls like them. I personally like the mini tote style bags. But the mini barrell bags were the quickest to make up. That is why there are 10 of them versus 5 of each of the others. I So...Now on to the next project (whatever that may be).

First I guess I need to clean my stamping area. Needs it badly. There are several new (at least to me) techniques that I would like to try. I also need to organize my stamps and paper and such. It is a terrible mess.

I go to a stamp camp on Friday at my sisters house so I will be learning other new and exciting things.

Now I must bid you adue. American Idol in on in about 15 minutes... God Bless and have a pleasant evening...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Day Off

Well... not quite a whole day off. This morning I got up at 5 am as usual. (My alarm goes off at 4 am). Got myself ready to go and proceeded to get my daughter up. She was complaining of a stomach ache , the same one she had been complaining of when she went to bed last night. Well anyway we got her to the before school child care and I thought she would be ok. I got a call at around 7:45 am. She was crying. Said her stomach hurt real bad. I had someone cover my school bus runs and then I went to pick her up. So now we have been at home. She has been resting alot and also reading a book on "Robert E Lee". She then has to write a report. So I think she will be fine to go to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Well... I finally did it. I went back to "Curves" to start working out again. I guess it is really about time. I have been paying for it for several months and not going. I best get my rear in gear and start working out. I am very tired at the moment. I also hurt just a tad. But I also feel very good. So..... Maybe I can keep at it this time. I am going to ask a friend of mine (also a special ed bus driver) to be my accountability buddie... I think she also goes to "Curves".

Treadmill Step Aerobics Stationary Bike