Friday, April 27, 2007

The Things I Need

Well today I was at Wal*Mart... I went to buy some socks. Well I thought... hmmm... I need some white glue to do some heat setting with my pearl-ex colors. Then I saw the ModPodge... Hmmmm... I am thinking I need this to do some projects with the coasters I have. Then I saw something else stamping related. All the things i needed right there under one stop in the stamping isle... how fortunate for me. So I also bought some brushes for all this crafting I hope to be doing. I need to stay out of such places.

But this was a nice shopping treat after having my car state inspected, emission inspected and finding I needed to have my head light replaced. Well I hope I can put all my shopping items to use soon.

We do however have to go out of town tomorrow. We are going to meet Rachels Fiance's parents. So I will have to wait one more day to do my stamping.... SIGH!!!

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Kirstin said...

I bought some Mod Podge today too...great minds think alike, I also got some foam brushes too....I passed on teh glue because it was almost $2 at Mike's and I didn't got to Wal Mart!