Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OUCH Time for the dental cleaning

Well... I can tell you I did go to the dentist this morning. Time for that cleaning... Boy he sure did alot of tugging and scraping and scratching and such... Apparently flossing has not been one of my strong points.... Time to develope a new habit I guess. I told him "Yup I will get right on that!" But other than that I have great teeth.

My daughter had two "HEELEY" accidents on Sunday. She slipped out of the car and scratched her back on the handles that move the seats back and forward. She has a rather nice 8 inch scratch diagnol across her back with a little bruising. Then 3 hours later she fell and banged up her knee pretty good. Blood and bruising but nothing really serious. We cleaned it up with anitbiotic cleanser and ointment and put a large bandage on her knee. I think the larger the bandage the better she feels... And I banned the Heeleys for 24 hours. She was not happy with me about that.

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