Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Project Purses Complete

Well... the purses for Ghana are completed. They went out in this mornings mail... I sure hope the girls like them. I personally like the mini tote style bags. But the mini barrell bags were the quickest to make up. That is why there are 10 of them versus 5 of each of the others. I So...Now on to the next project (whatever that may be).

First I guess I need to clean my stamping area. Needs it badly. There are several new (at least to me) techniques that I would like to try. I also need to organize my stamps and paper and such. It is a terrible mess.

I go to a stamp camp on Friday at my sisters house so I will be learning other new and exciting things.

Now I must bid you adue. American Idol in on in about 15 minutes... God Bless and have a pleasant evening...

1 comment:

Kirstin said...

woo hoo...that was some serious crocheting you had going on there....glad you got them done in time. those little girls will love them!