Thursday, May 31, 2007

Purses in Ghana

I see it has been many many days since I posted anything. I have been so busy I see myself coming and going. The end of the school year is just around the corner. Ony two weeks left. Then I get a short break and will start driving for summer school July 9. Which happens to be the day after my birthday. What a great birthday present HUH??? By the way... I will be 46.

If you recall some time back about a month ago I sent some purses to Ghana for girls at an orphanage... Here are a few pictures of the girls with their purses... Apparently some of the girls had never had a purse before and were quite unaware of what to do with them. But they soon figured it out... And all girls love purses!!! The boys in the picture are holding t-shirts. Also included is a picture of a spider. My dad said that was his guard spider. Not my idea of guard duty if you ask me.
My husband just got home... He brought me an ice cream treat... Yummmmmm. It is a chocolate chip ice cream cookie.

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Kirstin said...

look at cute, I bet they really liked them a lot....ok, what is up with that spider????