Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boy People Pillow

Well if y'all remember I posted a girl people pillow that I made last weekend. Well here is the companion boy people pillow. It is done with the correct color. I had to go buy the buff colored yarn for the doll. I did use cammo colored varigated yarn for the pants. I think it turned out very cute.
The little girl next door just loved the girl people pillow. She named it Becky because my daughter Becky gave it too her. And I understand from her dad that she wouldn't go to bed last night until she had her Becky doll with her. She carries it around calling Becky Becky Becky!!!
The magazine I got the patterns from is Crochet World. The August 2006 issue. I don't know if the pattern is available on their website or not. Their site is It is in the August 2006 issue on page 26.

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