Saturday, June 16, 2007

I am here... really I am

I know it has been a week since I posted anything. So today I posted a new word of the day.

I also have had quite a busy day. I turned on the television this morning to do some mindless television watching and low and behold we didn't have any video coming through on tv. We checked with the cable and there was nothing wrong. We tried putting in a DVD and had sound but no video. SO we concluded our television was broken. So we were planning on going out today anyway to get Jim his fathers day present. So we added buying a television to our list. BOY ARE THOSE THINGS EXPENSIVE!!!

We also ended up getting Jim a golf bag cart and a golf ball retriever. I had no Idea how to shop for golf equipment so I had him show me what he wanted. We will be going out to dinner tomorrow and I will give him a card then.

Here are the cards I made for Fathers Day!

This card was made for Jims Dad for fathers day. It is done using more mustard, really rust and ivory card stock. All About U stamp set and the magic mesh. I used stampin up fibers and unknown brads. Inside is HAPPY FATHERS DAY
This card is for my husband Jim. I love this stamp set. I know its not a summer card but my husband loves to fish so I felt it was appropriate. I used buckaroo blue and ivory card stock. buckaroo blue ink. Black magic mesh. And the fishing rod is made out of the elastic band that held a new pair of shoes together. Yes Kirstin I can stamp that!!! I hand wrote the sentiment on the outside of the card. I know it looks kind of simple but I was pleased with how it turned out.

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Lenore said...

Both Father's Day cards look fabulous! I love the colours you chose for Jim's Dad's card. AND I ADORE that stamp set that you used on Jim's card! I bet he loved it -- so adorable!

Sorry about your TV sweetie -- hope you guys found a good deal on a new one!